Temporary Title (Will NU catch this? I hope not.)

Hopefully NU doesn’t catch this… I wonder if anyone will actually see this?
This is the first half of this part. I felt like I might as well throw this out there since it’s decently long (and because I’m so slow), but I won’t update it on NU until I finish the whole thing. I finished my finals, so maaaybe I’ll be a bit less lazy with the translation during this break.


Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 4 part 2(.1)

Those Who Betray


She was inherently greedy, a person full of jealousy.
Disgusted by her own body, lacking as it was in talent.
Jealous of her superiors, who were gifted with opportunities.
Those who don’t develop themselves are looked down upon.
Merely feeling a jealous grudge towards others without doing anything, it ended up being the driving force for her diligence as she grew.
As a natural result, she ended up being able to enter an exceptional career, a role where everything she had desired would be in her hands.
Awaiting her was a brilliant future, a future that everyone envied, and the woman had no hesitation in walking on that road.

However, it was all ruined by the failures of her master.
The glittering future that was in her hands, all of it.

The woman reached a position closer to the apex of power than anyone, but she didn’t believe it was because she was any better than those similar to her.
Although she was convinced she could overtake them if she had decades to gain experience, the gap in experience between them was too large.
Rather, as a promising youth, she was taken of for the future. In the case of an emergency- in the case of a situation like this, she lacked the presence, the ability to affect anything.
Neither her own treatment, nor the treatment of her master, or the treatment of outsiders, there was nothing where the woman’s opinion was reflected.
Her future will have only darkness remain.
Unable to fulfill a single one of her desires.

She could only do one thing- abandon her falling master, and seek a new power. Only then can her wishes be accomplished.
So, riding around on a horse, asking people, she did anything she could.
The woman was originally in an isolated top position and thus had difficulties seeking the aid of others, and it resulted in many failed efforts.
But the woman continued running around, refusing to give up; lowering her head wherever necessary, and kept collecting information.

And finally, after spending days, she found the location. It was so close to the Royal City it could be said to have been hidden in the shadow of the lighthouse.
If you travel at full speed for a few hours on a horse you will reach a forest, in which a small mansion stands, as though it is hiding in the grove.
The mansion- no, the surroundings of the mansion was full of strange magic.
Although the magic energy feels as though it is drifting gently through the air, the amount of magic energy in the area is enormous.

After considering it to that extent, the woman quietly shook her head to clear her random thoughts.

Although this place is strongly magical, it is too close to the Royal City, and it would be difficult to use as a base since as it is too far from the battlefield.
Although it was also considered as a possible location for a clinic, the forest is too far for convenient transportation.
Besides, this land is privately owned in the first place.

A symbol allowed only to be used by the royal family is engraved on the door, the symbol of a deceased.
In the past it was the personal mansion of that person, and upon their death, should have been inherited by this woman’s master.
However, a mansion like this was not listed in the inventory taken by the head office.
Although it may be hidden property, it is adorned with the symbol of royalty so it can still be found.
―In the first place, considering the presence contained in this mansion, it’s not surprising that the mansion was hidden away although it’s in perfect condition.

She knocked on the door of the mansion with a bit of strength, but there was no answer.
But, she had a strange conviction that the owner of the house was inside.
Judging that she was permitted to enter as she wasn’t attacked, she opened the creaky old door.
Stepping into the slightly dark room, finally finding the one she was seeking, the woman lowered her voice and spoke.

“At last, I was able to meet you.”

The room lit up, revealing a man sitting in a chair, his eyes slowly opening as he stared piercingly at her.

“….I’m sure you were looking for me for a shitty reason, but your dedication, at least, is amazing. What is your business?”

The number of times she had heard that voice could be counted on a single hand.
This would be the first time it had been directed towards her.
Towards this man, she always felt nothing but fear.
Of the absolute difference in ability between them, and of the sin he has committed.
Even now, she was holding back the tremors she felt on the inside, as she removed her hood and kneeled on the floor, bowing to that man.

“I wish to ask for a favor from you.”

The man stood up and walked over to her, narrowing his copper-red eyes in interest.
He scratched the underside of her chin lightly with his finger.
The nail pulled off a bit of skin, and some blood dripped on the floor.

“What will I gain by accepting this request?”

Though she furrowed her eyebrows for a moment at the feeling of her skin being torn, her gaze didn’t diverge from that copper-red color.
Though his temperament had large differences from the other one she knows with pupils of this color, some similarities still existed.
Both this man, and her former master, were inherently indifferent to others.
Therefore, this man was unlikely to hold any anger towards her past actions.

“I could just kill you here. Not a single person would care if you died. Nobody looks at you. Nobody thinks about you. Because you are a traitor.”

Each word, one by one, cuts at her emotions.
She harbored no anger.
So, she only shook.
But, everything he said was true.

“….I.. know.”

Whatever sin she committed, whoever despised her, even while feeling jealous, she was happy because that one person cared about her.
But that was just a fantasy.
As this man says, that person never trusted or cared about her.
Even if she were to die here―

“Even so, it makes no difference. You can do whatever you want with me.”

Up close, only cruelty is visible in the staring man’s eyes.
The words that came from her mouth were strong.
The feelings hidden behind those words were entirely the opposite.
Unsightly, unable to hide what she foolishly desires, unable to even fake it.
However, this was the only hand available to the woman to fulfill her wish.

“I will die for you. I will dirty my hands for you. I will devote the rest of my life to you. So, then would you please lend me your strength?”

She stared challengingly, having said her oath all at once, and the man met the her gaze silently.
The words the woman spoke were the second time she had made such an oath.
They were words that didn’t deserve to be believed.
However, there was no other way than with these words for her to fulfill her wish.


As she closed her mouth without finishing her words, the man, after a moment, sighed deeply.
He glanced at the portrait of a girl with blond hair hanging on the wall, and seeming to give up, spoke to the woman.

“I’m unable to believe that you would be willing to pay with your life….. Well, it’s fine. I have a promise to keep. What is it you desire from me?”

Surely, her master would not forgive her.
Because her master is an aloof, solitary, sorrowful person, who doesn’t abandon those who cling to them.
But that person hates anything that stands in the way of their goals, a person who pursues what they aim for with everything they have.
This woman lacks the power to block that path.
So that’s why, she spoke these words of betrayal with joy.

“The current head of the Ruzil, I want you to erase with your hands.”

It was her second betrayal, the last betrayal of this life.



Next part. – In progress. Estimated time of completion – someday.

22 thoughts on “Temporary Title (Will NU catch this? I hope not.)

  1. Thank you! Reading a lot at once is always nice, but small, regular updates like this help keep us readers from forgetting the plot.

    NU caught it.


    1. This might be a spoiler, though it’s just a guess

      ….. she’s asking him to kill her right? I’m talking the girl who visited, I think she’s the head herself. She wants her father to kill her and the blond lady picture is the mother.

      By killing her, the head, he will once again become the head and thus the ‘family’ is protected.

      Will he kill her or kill her the way she killed her brother.

      Please update I love this! I there’s so many possible paths I thought would happen, that didn’t so I don’t know what to expect, and it hasn’t happened in a long time.

      Please I want her to be happy. Let her die as a Ruziel, and be reborn as a person cleansed of her sins. Be by the ones she loves Gil, Atlas let her execept their hands please.


      1. I don’t think that’s Origa. I think that’s her maid-person. I think i remember reading a chapter like this one but in it the maid was jealous of the brother. But i think you’re right about what she’s asking for.

        By the way can someone explain to me why Origa didn’t just leave with Gil and Atlas? It’s not like she can remain the head of the family without any magic. It would have been fine if she left cus there’s nothing more she can do. Or is it just to keep the plot going as it should? So that the story won’t divert from the one she read? Even though a lot has changed in reality?


      2. Pretty sure that’s the woman who’s asked by Origa to betray the father, the one who’s always besides her.
        Though Idk if her reason is simply to betray to keep being on the winning side or for other reason…or both.
        I mean, it’s honestly weird for her to ask the previous head to kill Origa when anyone could probably do it with her current condition.


  2. 。・゚゚・(>д<)・゚゚・。 1 liter of tears

    Thank you for the chapters 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。fuuu
    ..I've been totally hooked by this novel…


  3. I am hoping that the next update would tell me that, everything written in this update is what should have happened in the novel(original) but didn’t happen in the current story (villan reincarnated)….


  4. Is this Keika? It seems like she is betraying Origa, but in truth, by asking the former head to ‘kill’ the current head, isn’t she trying to save Origa from the clan? She is obviously trying to find a way out for Origa, even thought Origa doesn’t want that… so that’s what she means by betrayal…


  5. Origa asked her maid to find the Former-head. that’s the maid.
    Betray- former-master
    Betray- Origa who doest Trust her.


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