Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-2

Conflicted feelings. Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 3 part 2 The Villain's Exhaustion, and the Man Who Offered His Hand   When I dismissed the idea that I was abandoned,【I】was relieved. When convinced that I was abandoned,【Origa】was furious. The process that I was longing for, is occurring in front of my eyes in reality, not a … Continue reading Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-2


Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-1

Ehum... sorry about the delay, I was feeling lazy...  (。・ ω<)ゞ On to chapter 3, a time skip, and a new point of view... at least, for this part. I'm 99% sure it's from Atlas's perspective. Also an important note, take all the translations of rank/title stuff with a grain of salt, because I'm not … Continue reading Gomen ne, Onii-sama 3-1