Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-8

One whole chapter/section completed, a bunch more to go.
A short one, so it was quick.


Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 8

Side Story – A Report on the War

Esmeralda Kingdom, ruled by the Emelda family for 262 years.
Secretary 【–––】reporting upon the military situation.

The Sidris allied forces encroached on our territory in the north, with the intention of war.
They broke our defensive line temporarily by disrupting the supply routes, isolating the troops.
In the three days before the fort recapturing tactic was implemented, which will be described later, 40% of the troop was lost.
How they discovered our supply routes so easily is puzzling, but although the presence of a traitor is suspected, there is no proof.

The northwestern Salud Fort surrendered to the enemy invasion in only two days.
Along with this, the fort commander, the magician Edlis Ville Harvester was killed.
Due to the disturbance in the command chain, many of the junior soldiers defected from the main unit.

The Eighth Knight Corps established by His Majesty the King was dispatched to this battlefield.
Salud Fort was successfully recaptured by the guerrilla tactics of the knights.
By collapsing a mountain road, the enemy’s path was cut off.
Also, the knights confirmed successful destruction of one magic sealing device by a single person.
(This subject requires additional investigation.)

On the same day, in the forest located north of Salud Fort, the destruction of the magician corps led by Origa Emelda Ruzil was confirmed.
From there, the magician’s path,



The name of the person who made the report is unreadable.
In addition, the information hereinafter has been burned away.

TN Note: I don’t like translating names. :(

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22 thoughts on “Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-8

    1. I stuck it in every translator I had and looked at it a lot, but every single one resulted in the same line. So as far as I can tell, I think she’s using this report to make it seem like she’s dead? Not sure. Will know when I start translating next chapter.


  1. Yeah its definitely a plant by Origa, she has foreknowledge of what is to come and why its happening, even though the story may not have delved that much into all the hidden figures manipulating things in the shadows, she is aware that there are a chain of people that have something to do with events revealed in the book, she is trying her best to give as much help as she can discretely that will ultimately aid her brother with his future role as Hero, while maintaining her status quo.

    She isnt trying to re write Origas future, she is only securing more firmly her Brothers, her interrogation of Margrave, revealed a formidable foe, having a King to contend with will make things more difficult for her to move how she wishes, she is already limited by her own family traditions, expectations, and reluctance to change their ways, having to act a certain way has more or less set her fate as detailed in that story.

    Im not sure how much thought has gone into changing the outcomes of various encounters, she is aware that the small changes she had made, like her early ascension as the new Family head caused, these tiny ripples had an unforeseen effect, other events to unfolded sooner than expected, so if she deviates to far from “Origas” fate, other things may happen that could have negative results, and take her into uncharted territory, she is unwilling to do this.

    From what the Margrave said, she was meant to be lured into a trap where she and those under her would be slain, this of course didnt happen, We are only able to watch the world unfold with Origa, she is the only one that knows what will happen. So even though we arent seeing everything with her foreknowledge, Im sure she is working to fit the pieces in place as best she can while offering as much help as she can safely give her brother.

    Its very sad and depressing, from what we have seen so far, Origa has done things on auto pilot, fulfilling her role as future villain to be slain by her brother. This is something I think she realizes she cant get out of, any changes she makes could be disastrous and will deviate to far from the story she is basing her actions upon, which is incredibly depressing, how she can do this daily is beyond anything I would be capable of, if not for her obsessive love of that story and devotion to her brother, I doubt she would be able to continue.

    Every time I see her being “Origa” I wonder how much suffering she is really feeling inside, she doesnt seem to wallow to long in such things, when she torched that fort, and was confronted she seemed not to dwell too deeply on what was done, nor the lives lost, nor invested any time with thoughts about what was done to the Margrave and his family not that I expected her too, afterall they were trying to kill her and cause unrest resulting in the ultimate destruction of the Magicians who are protecting them, justified or not it seemed the right course of action.

    That judgemental twat who is her brothers friend, and who supposedly hates Origa, annoys the shit out of me, I really cant stand him, I dont even bother to remember his name, he rubs me the wrong way, how he reacts is as expected, since he is only seeing her based on her actions, not on what her actual intentions are, until of course certain things were revealed, he even seemed to be aware that she was helping her brother, and protecting him, despite this understanding he still cant stand her, but still offered friendship, perhaps for her Brothers sake. In my mind as a reader who is privy to her secrets and methods, we can see who is the real hero, but was never meant to be. her monstrous actions have a reason, that isnt easily understood which is deliberate, its so very lonely and sad! Give her a break dammit!

    Unlike this guy in http://www.novelupdates.com/series/my-death-flags-show-no-sign-of-ending/ he is actively trying to change his future, but in doing so has been dancing with potential death flags and working through them on the fly. I get exhausted just from reading about his antics. Our MC is sort of similar to Harold, and not, she isnt trying to avoid the story outcome, but guiding it to where it needs to end, at least with her part, Im waffling to long and doubt my wall of text will get read lol, but I needed to get this out heh. Ill stop here.

    A question for anyone that bothered to read the above, if you were reincarnated as Hitler would you stay the course of history or change it.

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    1. I’m more than two years late but I completely agree with you, and I think if I was reborn as Hitler I would definetly try to change the “story”.
      I couldn’t stand it otherwise, and if I couldn’t do that then I would quietly await my fate.
      I really admire Origa for doing what she does and it also really pains me.


  2. Thanks for the chapter desu~

    I found this and read it in one go desu~ So dark… But interesting! I will be looking forward for the next chapter. Thanks for translating this desu!


  3. the length of this chapter made me laugh lol.
    my heart breaks for our mc ;_; i want her to at least have one person to be by her side ;_;
    this story is so different than any otome/reincarnation novel i’ve ever read where in this story the mc actually willingly to go to the her own destruction path and be a villain character </3
    thank you so much for translating this novel ^^


  4. wow.. i know they aren’t translating anymore, and I can see why.. cutting a chapter up so the releases are this small is just plain ridiculous. Much better that someone else took over.


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