Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-7

I realized I was dumb and they already translated all the titles at Oniichanyamete, so I’ll be using those.

Also, changed “flame prison princess” to “princess of the inferno” in all previous chapters. It only appeared like twice.


Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 7

A Night of Entreaties

To reach this point, took a long time.
But, from here I believe it will be much easier.
I released those feelings with a sigh lacking any power.

Providing information to other countries, establishing a dummy company for human trafficking of magicians.
On top of that, field trials of weapons in actual combat.
Reducing the amount of criminal activity is impossible, because the number of supporters is too many.
Whether they’re caught, arrested, assassinated, or exterminated, new helpers appear one after the other.
And after following links to the root through assiduous searching― I found the most unexpected person.
Whether it was like this from the start or if I changed who it was by rushing fate, I don’t know.
In any case, a different situation has come about compared to my memories.
Even if I don’t know, I’ve already found the side character in question.

“Foolish, aren’t you, Margrave Hiedrichs.”

The man trussed up and gagged on the floor rolled over and looked calmly at me.
Although I briefly wondered if I should drug him too, it’s probably not really necessary.
Even if he somehow manages to call for help, it won’t matter since everyone else is already asleep.

With a click, a small flame began on a bookshelf, and the smell of smoke began to spread.
My copper colored hair, reflected in the full length mirror propped against the wall, shined in the light of the fire.
For the prodigious child of fire, the Princess of the Inferno, it’s truly the suitable appearance. The suitable age.
I had been impatient to catch up to the age of【Origa】, but it’s good that I can get rid of this guy before that.

“In the middle of the night, the mansion owned by the Margrave of sugar processing unexpectedly burned down. Everyone in the house was… unfortunately caught in the fire. ……I suppose the report to the King tomorrow will be something like that.”

A snap, and the flame began to spread, and the smell of burnt books began to fill the room.
Although I can quickly burn the house all at once, there is no need since it doesn’t seem like there is any active resistance.
Allowing nature to slowly burn down the mansion means I need to carefully watch and ensure there are no survivors, but― it can’t be helped.
After hearing that the Margrave burned to death,【Origa】is the first person many will think of.
But although they will be suspicious, if there are no traces of magic, they won’t be able to confirm their suspicions.

“Well, it’ll take some time before the fire spreads all the way through the mansion. Would you like to have a casual chat? …..Oh, you can’t speak like this. One second.”

While coughing a little, I removed the leather bindings that were keeping him unable to move.
That other than magic, I have no skill in martial arts is well known.
Although he’s a famous military soldier who has been strengthened with drugs, he doesn’t seem to intend to attack this frail fourteen year old girl.
It seems like, from the beginning, he had no intention to resist me?
The Margrave slowly turns around and overlooks the room, and then sighs.

“Is there anything you want to ask? Since I went to all this effort, I’ll answer anything.”
“The drugs. Used on everyone in the mansion.”
“They’re sleeping pills. Since it wasn’t poison, they can all die without suffering in their sleep.”
“I see.”

He seemed resigned, as he let out a sigh of relief. I don’t trust him.
I didn’t know who was involved with his actions.
That’s why, I decided to get rid of anyone who could was involved with him.
A man, a woman, the maid, the gardener, the cook, the guards, and even a child not yet fully aware of the world.
Nobody is going to escape from this house alive, but after having said as much, the Margrave is too calm.

“How did you figure out it was me? I was careful to leave no conclusive evidence.”
“…..contrived. None of the evidence was conclusive, so I just burned it.”

The evidence that Keika tracked down in a year was insufficient to crush him if it was brought to light.
His roots were too deep, and Harvester-sama’s support wouldn’t have been able to make enough of a difference.
If I were to reveal what I had found, all the evidence would quickly be disposed of.
Therefore, it’s better to just burn it.

“Here’s a question. Why do you think it was so easy to catch my tail?”
“If I was seriously trying to hide, you never would have found me. Your strong point is your intelligence, so you should be able to figure out why.”

If he expected to be caught, he would have been by himself, rather than be exterminated along with his family like right now.
With even a little bit of investigation, the fact that he is a man that loves his family comes out immediately.
Why was such a man willing to sacrifice both himself and his family just to lure me out?
Did he want to make a deal with me or tell me something?
Either way, it’s best not to ignore what he wants to say.
I encouraged him to tell me, and he responded in a voice so quiet it was almost silent.

“Everything was for this country.”

What was set in his eyes as he looked up was resolution.

“Because there is a【monster】like you, the number of people committed to magic will increase. And everyone, will refuse to progress.”

He believes that【Origa】is the problem.
The magician who defends the country with rare talent.
That I am obstructing the nation’s development.

“I saw the way other countries function. With unexpected capability and hard work, to compensate with technology, they continue to grow. And what about our country? Committed to bloodlines that refuse to develop, we continue to decline. It’s fine right now because you’re here, but if you were gone the country would immediately collapse. …..That’s why, they intend to get rid of you.”
“For the sake of the future, is it.”

His thoughts, are not incorrect.
This country that relies fully on magic, it’s development is too slow to keep up with the countries of technology.
In this situation, where this country reliant on the force of magic is having the blood of the magicians slowly wane, it’s likely to collapse in the near future.
Considering the future, nothing is more of a barrier to progress than a heaven gifted young mage as a symbol of the old era.
People cling to such a symbol, and ignore objections while rejecting progress.
Even if I’m the strongest fire mage, the fate of this country can only be to decline as the total number of mages continues to decrease.
I am concerned about the effects― as it stands, many people ignore it and pretend it isn’t happening.

“Although I was certain you were part of the boycott faction, from the way you speak it seems different?”
“…No. It’s true that I dislike magic. Everyone, more or less believes it in their hearts. Magicians,”

As he spoke the words, even while choking on smoke, a distorted smile spread on his lips.

【Magicians are not humans.】

I am aware of this idea about magicians, and that its spread is the global trend.
An inhuman presence, the minority, beings with excessive power.
The spread of the idea that they should be eliminated, caused by someone’s planning, seems like it’s a natural thing.
I don’t know who started this idea, but it was quickly accepted by the majority of people, somewhere in their minds.
That’s why.

“As I thought, this was not part of their plan, merely the efforts of one or two people.”

While a warrior kills one person, a magician can kill ten.
But, without magic, they’re just ordinary humans.
If cut or stabbed, they die as easily as any other person.
The development of weapons that dampen the power of magicians is impossible without the assistance of this country, which has the majority of magicians― and, the people of this country are beginning to tilt towards eliminating the magicians.
So, on the border, it isn’t just that one noble that was leaking confidential information.

“Absorb the magic, and then seal it with the array. The magic sealing stone. However, I believe it is still in the testing stage, and practical use is still being considered.”
“….Indeed. Again and again, situations will occur where you are forced to use your full strength. Of waiting for change, I have had enough.”

These last few years.
Every time the king orders magicians to go to the battlefield, there are an increasing number of victims.
While moving and moving just to get through the situation, the situation continues to escalate, and the battlefields become more messy.
More and more the magicians become necessary and are sent to more battles― in these three years, even the intermediate magicians have been forced into an unfavorable situation.

“I do not think I am insane for rejecting the magicians. ―We and the king both hate them dearly.”
“Well, that’s how it is.”

The king’s participation in the development of the weapons following the death of my mother, is far too obvious.
Without my mother who was a large part of the guardian families, any hesitation he had left probably vanished.
Trapping the magicians with a war. Intentionally miscommunicating information. Failing to transport goods. Betrayal by allies.
The original Origa runs wild, and the country is lit up with the flames of revolt.
From the heroes’ point of view, for the mass of malice against the magicians― the mastermind, the head, is the king.

I can only think of it as madness to hunt down the magicians with the current state of this country.
What drove him to commit such folly, what the king is thinking, I do not know.
But, I don’t want to know.
It’s not my story.

“If we magicians did not fight, this country would fall immediately. We have no natural resources, not many people, not even a strong army. Nothing but magic. But, you guys fail to accept this reality.”

The people moving desperately to get rid of the magicians, are people who fail to recognize reality.
We have victory only because we have the magicians.
We have peace only because we have the magicians.
Once we discard magic, all that’s left is past glory.
The fate of this country is indivisible with that of the magicians.

“As the efforts of those who hate the magicians continue to progress, eventually I will certainly run out of steam…. It’s certainly a cruel plan.”

―This country, is a country that exists only by keeping a monster.

“…..His majesty, was in too much of a hurry. That weapon, is already out of the jurisdiction of this country.”
“Was it a benefit for cooperating, for an alliance? Or, for trading of weapons?”
“A country broke the contract. We intended to cut off the means for self-defense.”

The Margrave avoided answering the question, but it’s possible that both are true.
The global trend of alienating the magicians, is finally spreading through this country known as the holy land of magicians.
While being threatened by the holy land that can pose a threat to the rest of humanity, the runaway emotions that would occur can be easily imagined.
That’s why instead of offering the new technology and information to other countries, they instead offered protection.
While selling off the magicians that are the lifeline of this country, if a new source of power isn’t obtained, the destruction of this country is the only outcome.

“So, are you satisfied now that I’ve revealed all of my circumstances?”

The Margrave, at the cost of the life of himself and his family, offered this information to try to slow the flow of destruction at least a little― but, I don’t know if it was voluntary.
To get rid of the magician families, they aim to kill me who is responsible for the survival of this country.
They who have observed me should know best that the【Flame Prison Princess】is their last serious obstacle on the battlefields.
Hoarse laughter comes from my throat.

“How foolish.”

―The development of the magic sealing stone, in less than a year, will reach the point where my magic can be completely nullified.
It is merely the framework of the fate laid out in the novel.
The foundation is laid.
This is the side story for the heroes.
This is【my story】for the heroes.

“You, are you planning to destroy this country that alienates the magicians?”

As I continue laughing softly, the Margrave abruptly asks this.

“….Rest assured. As long as【he】exists, the only fate for this country is to be saved. I move only in anticipation of him.”

Once the magic seal stone made for【Origa】who possess the highest capability for magic succeeds completely, I don’t know what will happen with Gil-sama.
Without telling that future, the novel ended.
The path to peace that the heroes will choose, is still unknown.
The future that the 【author】had already laid out.
Perhaps not with distinct characters in the world, but it certainly exists in the settings【I】know of.
Even with my actions, Origa becomes the family head of the Ruzil, Mother died, and the world continues to move towards the exclusion of magicians.
―I may be able to affect the details of the story, but I can’t change the preset outcome.
That is, the truth that I have been forced to realize.

“The fate of the magicians is to perish. ―That’s why, I’ve chosen to resist that fate.”

Fate is cruel.
No matter what Gil-sama does, no matter what effort he makes, whatever he tries to do to save this country, the future is confirmed.
In the future, magicians will continue to be born.
But, as all magicians are incapacitated with the magic sealing stones, they will only exist to be subjected to persecution.
Then, hunts for magicians will occur, all over the world.

In the future, such a powerful magician like Gil-sama, Atlas, or me, may not exist.
For the magicians born in such a future, who will protect them?
For the magicians who are treated like sinners from the moment they are born, who will protect them?

The future of the magicians is hopeless.
―But still, whether the path the heroes walk leads to a happy ending or a sad one, is not yet determined.
All I will accomplish, is the burning deaths of thousands of people.
A bloodthirsty killer. A witch.
But, I believe, that a future without a villain will certainly be different.

“I’ll be protecting this country until【he】takes the center stage… Please, overlook that some victims will occur in the process.”
“Planning on sacrificing people for the magicians?”
“I don’t want to hear that from you.”

From his actions, it seems that the Margrave wants to protect the future of this country, while I want to protect Gil-sama’s ability to choose his future.
When trying to protect something different, the necessary sacrifice also changes.
Who I want to protect, has already been decided.

“Before I am the one who protects this country, I am the the head of the clan of fire. Protecting the magicians is my top priority. Even if it results in me being covered by sins, I will destroy all the magic sealing stones.”
“….No matter how much of an excellent magician you are, it’s impossible.”
“Of course, it’s certain that if I were to constantly use my magic to the point of depletion for a long time, I will die.”

The Margrave’s face takes on a strange expression after my words.
Once I who is called the strongest magician falls, it is a simple story for the rest of the magicians to be eschewed by the world.
For the resistance forces, neither the head of the Harvester family nor the head of the wind magic clan can be classified as offensive mages.
When the magic sealing stone that is improved to seal even【Origa】is used on the battlefield, all the mages will surely be powerless, and the country will be destroyed.
But, the odds are in my favor.

“The cores for the magic sealing stones have a limited quantity. Of the magic sealing stones, even now there are probably few enough to be counted on two hands. Once I dispose of them…. After that, I’m sure oniisama will take care of it somehow.”
“……How did you obtain that information. That was confidential. It’s impossible that it would have been leaked to any magician!”

As information hidden by the king, it’s information impossible for【Origa】who serves the country to know.
But,【I】know all of it.
My best weapon is neither my powerful magic, nor subordinates, nor family. It’s my knowledge.
The age at which【Origa】dies, the number of magic sealing stones, even the fate of the magicians.
Because I know it all, I fight.
The future, I will take hold of.

“….Hey, Margrave. Would you like to make a bet? On whether I die first, or if all the magic sealing stones are destroyed first?”
“You, what on earth are you?”

As he speaks these final words with an appalled voice, smoke distorts my view.
I look around, and notice that the fire has spread quite a bit.
It’s had about ten minutes to spread now.

“Well, it seems our conversation has come to an end. Good night, Margrave.”



Around my fifteenth birthday, rumours began to spread that Gil-sama discovered an aptitude for water magic.
It doesn’t appear to be a huge gift, but it’s still enough to draw everyone’s attention that a child banished from the fire clan as incompetent awakened in magic.
I had already known about Gil-sama, long before I heard it from the mouth of a friend.

That night, I had a dream of a battlefield burning with an inferno.
I saw my face as I burned an injured hero to his death.
【My】face, shivering in delight.

―――Please, oniisama. As quickly as possible, ____ me….

TL Notes: The “crack” and “snap” near the beginning of the chapter are the sfx ぱちり, but sfx really doesn’t look good in English so I attempted to convert it to actual words. It still feels a bit weird.
Also don’t really like how I translated some parts, so here’s hopefully the correct interpretation. The people with the technology to weaken magicians are offering protection from magicians with their new technology in exchange for weapons from other countries, as a means to replace the power of magicians that they are in the process of weakening. Margrave dude was working with anti-magician people but realized that it was a suicidal path even though he hates the magicians, so he used this to divulge what he knew.

As for the last line, it uses me (私) as the direct object (を) without specifying the action, but you can’t really do that in English without it looking awkward. So, I stuck in a blank. Still not happy with it, but at least it conveys what I hope is the intended meaning.

TL Opinions: This chapter’s ending worries me.

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