Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-4



Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 4

– Princess of the Inferno- After

The magicians have already been deployed along the border of the fort.
The enemy soldiers have been detecting making abnormal movements.
In this area, there are no important resources.
Normally it would be impossible to tell why the soldiers were deployed here.
However, I can easily imagine the flow of the world as the hero grows in the background.
That’s why, the “villain” of this story must be me.

“Those who can use forest magic should stay in the back and support Atlas-sama. I do not need escorts.”
“It will be dangerous, Origa-sama!”
“It would just be a bother. Since you’ll just burn if you’re next to me.”

I remove the string tying my hair and adjust the collar of my uniform.
Since I have to concentrate now, I’d prefer to remove as many distracting factors as possible.


Giving instructions as I walk, they quickly move to their posts, ignoring the person who objected. The knights who had been following in the back, one after another moved off to follow their instructions.
Even if they disagree with me, they will still obey- after all, if they don’t, they’re the ones that will burn.

“A signal will be sent when I finish invoking the magic. Because I don’t know how precisely I can control it, be sure to use the water to stop the spread of any fire as quickly as possible.”

Although I don’t think it will happen, it would be bad if I collapsed from overuse of magic.
Even though I have practiced to the extreme, I have yet to see the bottom of the talent of【Origa】.
It’s questionable whether or not I would be burned by a flame I created myself.
The thought that I’m treating this as an experiment passes through my mind.
A villain is a villain.

“Any questions? If not, move to your positions.”
“Hey, wait! The victims are too excessive. There are many non-combatants along the border; to attack like this contradicts the point!”

My arm is forcefully pulled back, and I see his eyes dark with anger.
As I look around, all those who rejected the instructions divert their eyes slightly.
But right now I don’t have time, and while feeling irritated, and with my eyes furrowed slightly from the pain of my arm being squeezed, I speak the supposed facts.

“The measures I take are certainly not welcome. Methods that deviate from the path. But, the reason I was called here is because His Majesty demanded that we break through as soon as possible.”
“…the magicians who were in the fort may have been captured. Ensuring the safety of the magicians is also the wish of His Majesty.”
“They’ve been there for three months. They may not be alive anymore, and even if a deal is offered- it’s too late.”

As quickly as possible, defend the country.
By simply saying that it is the command of the King and that I am only trying to follow it, it becomes impossible to overturn, even by a group of people.
Claiming that priority should be given to protecting the magicians isn’t enough to stop my actions.
Nevertheless, he opened his mouth.

“For what reason did we not issue a warning to the enemy soldiers? They too have families that they are trying to protect. If they are being forced to recklessly sacrifice themselves they will leave by themselves eventually.”

It’s a sound argument. Such a thing has been proven.
But, only a hero can defend everything in such a beautiful way.
As for me, I can’t do such a thing.
I recall my former self, in love with the figures of the heroes.
The 【me】 in his eyes, I wonder what it looks like?

“Do you not wish to make a wall? If you don’t care about protecting the land, then you should at least care about protecting the lives of the civilians that live here.”

I sigh loudly, and free my arm while smiling. An【Origa】like smile, a smile to dismiss anyone else conscious of what I am doing.
A smile to hide my fear, to avoid being mocked, to avoid their sympathy.
So that no one here will carry any sin, other than me.

“Atlas Ville Harvester. The commander of this strategy is me. The right to make decisions does not lie with you. This victory will be under my name.”

As well as the corpses; all the grudges will be on【Origa】.

“Burned away at maximum power- if you claim your role is to protect to people, stand back and defend from my fire.”

The trees absorbed water and grew at an unusual speed, forming a wall while drying up the river. A far cry from the original color of the tree, a semi-transparent wall was quickly formed.

“As expected.”

Controlling the abnormal growth causes a constant tension, requiring focus similar to balancing on a tightrope, it seems.
It would be very hard to maintain constant growth and avoid collapse with just water.
However, after being incorporated into the trees, the water mages cannot use it.
The wall continued to grow until it seemed like it would collapse under its own weight, and nothing was left for the water mages.
Thus, my stage has been prepared.

I stood on a rock overlooking the fort, watching the enemy base.
You can’t see the people in the enemy territory very well from here.
The number of people there, is impossible to tell.

It seems that the enemy magicians noticed our movement; I felt the prickle on my skin from some large scale magic being built.
Magic for protection, or magic for attack.
Either way, they won’t be able to stop the attack of【Origa】.
I don’t have time to indulge in sentimentality.

I close my eyes and breathe in deeply, consolidating the image of flames in my mind.
At the very least, I can make sure they suffer as little as possible.
With the feeling of magic leaving my body all at once, a shiver goes down my spine.

In burning flames, I wrapped the opposite shore.

It began to rain, falling on the flickering remnants of a fire.
The rain falling on the heated earth evaporates, blocking the view.
The rain falling on me robs the heat from my strangely warm body.

The power of my magic fully unleashed for the first time was tremendous. Rather than a battle between magicians, it was more like pure power used for destruction.
The opposite side of the river is completely turned to charcoal, and even some trees in the wall Atlas made are burned.
【Origa】is, should still be, growing.
It’s because of my dedicated training; originally【Origa】should not yet have this volume of magical power.

When I dragged my strangely heavy body down the hill, the soldiers lined up in ranks seemed a little stunned.
Other than the sound of harsh breathing, it was completely silent.
In the eyes that surrounded me, I saw fear, awe, and within both a bit of hatred.
I think I heard someone quietly mutter “monster”.

“….soldiers. Tactical situation, report.”

As I look around, nobody meets my eyes.
Although I don’t know who the traitors are, in this situation, I doubt they would lie to me.
The visibility was low, but the soldiers who went reported without complaint.

“The river has completely dried, but it should go back to normal eventually. Regarding the fort that was occupied, we did not find any enemies remaining.”
“I appreciate your efforts. Contain the heat within fifteen minutes. Without the horses, go secure the area on the other side of the river. Distribute signal lights between the groups… Atlas-sama, please create a bridge across the river.”

Losing my balance in the middle of speaking, my legs fail to support me. The voices of the soldiers become vague buzzing and do not enter my ears. My breath quickens a bit. A wry smile came to my face as I concentrated on not showing the panic I was feeling.
Because magic overuse causes a mental load, I need rest.

When I try to stand up again somehow, someone grabs my hand and pulls me up.
Raising my eyes to say thanks, the confused gaze of Atlas comes into view- my heart aches.

“U..m…. you…”
“….I’m fine. I just used too much magic and need to rest a little.”

Seeing the flickering presence of a hero within him, I wish that I was invisible.
I divert my eyes while moving my legs and quietly murmuring thanks, without any power behind it.
Without any resistance, my arm that was grabbed slips from his hands.

Hearing the soldiers call for his help with building the bridge, Atlas moved off, and as I advanced step by step towards my tent, I noticed a patch of hot air shimmering.
Not a natural movement, but movement caused by wind magic.
It seems someone saw my disgrace; I clicked my tongue at the fluctuation.

“Thanks for your hard work, Rat-san.”

With those quiet words whispered in passing, the body of an unfamiliar nondescript young soldier trembled.

When I next woke up, the first thing I heard was a yell.

“Hey you! Wait!”

The sky was dyed red when the aftereffects of the magic finally subsided, and a young boy around my age ran into the tent.
Somehow getting past the guards, the boy arrived in front of me.
Wearing simple clothing and unstyled hair- while my consciousness blurred and I wondered why a villager was in the tent, the boy screamed.

“Why! Why did you kill Sasha! Murderer!”
“We apologize Origa-sama! The boy is distraught.”
“Get off me!”

The panicked guards held the boy back and tried to pull him out of the tent, although I wasn’t really sure why. I blame it on my mind still being rather unclear.
As the guards held the boy back, he continued to shout as tears fell from his eyes.

“You people never bothered to come before the fort was attacked! Even when the crops failed, or there was famine, you ignored us! Don’t claim you were fighting for us, you were fighting for yourselves! Why, why.. the only reason Sasha died is because you came!”

That on the border, there was only military personnel, is certainly not something I believed.
The side effect of the passage of time.
Merchants and others who traveled across the border, probably started a simple inn which attracted more settlers.
Among those I burned to death, there were certainly civilians.
Surely, this boy’s friend was such a person.
―Whatever the reason that I killed his friend, a part of his life has been forever burned and scarred.
A wound that will never disappear was forced upon him.
That hatred should all be directed to【Origa】.
Because of that, I must become【Origa】.

“…Yes. You’re right. I didn’t do this for you guys. Since it was my first battle, do I not have to make it spectacular?”

I say these words and close my eyes, and the boy curses me with a voice filled with anger.
A voice the exact opposite of the voices of praise I was bathed in a year ago, but I feel more relief than pain.
That’s it. That’s the correct reaction.
I’m a monster.
I’m a butcher.
I’m a villain.
That’s why, for the future of that person-

The guards drag the boy out of the tent, and I tell them not to punish him too severely. The guards smile in relief, and promise not to tell.

“Apparently, there were exchanges with the villages within the enemy territory.”
“…yes, it seems so.”

A gentle breeze shakes the flaps of the tents.
The scorched scent travels surprisingly far, I note.

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  1. Why can’t I see clearly in front of me?? What is this trickling thing at the side of my eyes?? Why do you need to be like this Origa?? Save yourselves!! Are you and M? ༶ඬ༝ඬ༶

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  2. fufu its interesting, thanks for the chapter :)

    i wonder if anybody gonna realized she was actually acting as villain instead of bona fide villain. perhaps hero party?


  3. *Look at TL-san “comment” at the start of chapter*
    -> this is gonna be a feel-fest isn’t it
    *Finish reading*
    -> yep. thank for the delicious fellings


  4. I wonder if she can really justify her actions for just 1 person, she is decimating god knows how many just for 1 person, by what logic is that alright? “The king has ordered…” is not justification for slaughter, nor the will her acts be considered “by the kings hand”

    Yes I will shoulder the blame, the sin, she says for the sake of 1 person, I understand her role as villain but I dont understand her attitude towards it, she has managed to minimize the harm towards her brother, but she doesnt seem to understand that she can also minimize the harm her “Villainous” self towards others, shes had years of fore knowledge of events that unfold where she becomes this monstrous boss like existence, yet did nothing to prevent the death toll of those in that fort.

    She had opportunity before this escalated, sure she was hindered by other factions, and of course she had political issues to deal with as well as her authority being questioned due to her age. If anyone has read Akuyaku Tensei Dakedo Doushite Kou Natta, the MC of this story is also very young and had so much responsibility thrust upon her from a very young age, she even committed heinous acts herself but I wont go into to much detail, the comparison I wanted to show, was that her motives were for herself first, she wanted to protect herself, and then others, she was viewed as a monster due to her family, and treated like shit most of the time, yet aimed to do the right thing or at least be obedient towards those that she was subordinate too.

    Everything she did weighed heavily on Eliza, I can see the same comparisons here, however its more along the lines of “Im just a puppet of fate, but for my beloved brother I will continue acting this way so he will overcome and save us all” Its as though she is only considering the endgame where he achieves something heroic that saves everyone, but doesnt see that she too can add to that by being less destructive, by using alternate methods to overcome those “Boss/Monstrous” like acts she commits. Surely she can see she is more than this?


    1. I’d give an intelligent response, but I don’t know what the author is thinking since I’m reading it as I translate it so I have no idea what’s gonna happen in the rest of the story.


    2. You make a good point but I think the reason she keeps acting this way by being the villain is due to the fact that first of all; although it’s true that she does knows what will happen later on, she’s also probably scared that her actions might affect the future in some major way (as it already did) so she would rather stick to “Origa’s” original actions as she feels this is her role.

      Moreover it has already been explained that she continues to be the villain so the main character can grow and mature over time instead of being dependant of her. I do think it’s kind of cruel to sacrifice some innocent civilians but she herself said that her power, although very powerful can only burn since she only learned the fire element. She doesn’t think she is capable enough to save everyone without any sacrifices so she chooses the safest option while trying to minimize the damages that her magic might cause. Of course, in the process she will kill innocent people and continue to make difficult decisions that will break her heart and the readers’ but she continues on this path because she already knows that her brother can save and will save the country.

      Also, although she is the clan leader, the members of her clan only follow her because she’s trong and powerful, if she were more merciful and she really took pity on the poor civilians and her brother, it’s sure that her clan members would rebel against her and attack her as a group to try and take the leader’s position as they would think that she is too soft and doesn’t adhere to their thinking. Her family’s values are based on meritocracy and glory so they don’t care about causing deaths and tragedy. Origa also said that if her entire clan were to turn against her, she would have no chance of winning against them all as there are still some skilled magicians in her family.

      There is also the fact that she doesn’t have anyone she can trust or tell everything to so she must make decisions herself and she’s probably too caught up in her admiration towards her brother to realize that she may be too pessimistic about herself and Origa. After all, she died young and alone in her other life so she must have quite a grim outlook of the world.

      There was also a side chapter that said that Origa (in her past life) didn’t understand why Origa (the original villain character) was so stubborn in her beliefs of strengh being everything and why she wouldn’t try to listen to the hero but now that she experienced herself Origa’s lifestyle with all the pressure pushed to her at such a young age that she now kind of understood where Origa was coming from. Also she also added that a lot of readers of the book also wondered what might have happened if Origa and Gil simply worked together to save the country and speculated that if it were the case, the country might not have suffered such damage. But Origa stated that even if that did happen, Origa’s blood meaning her family and her talent would not have permitted such a happy scenario as Origa’s sole purpose was to create chaos.

      This is a very depressing thing to think of and read but I think that this is why this novel is so interesting, it takes a different approach on the typical villainess reincarnation theme and adds a more realistic and depressing vibe to it. The main character doesn’t think nor dare hope that her actions alone can change what has already been set in stone. The story also heavily spins around the theme of fate and if they can change it.


    1. Last comment sounded harsh. What I meant to say is i love this novel and when I spotted that you had picked it up I wiped a tear of joy from my eye


  5. I can feel the bittersweetness and sadness she has in this scene. I find it really beautiful, truly. She has to do this, to set the story of the world’s fate in motion, to show the people who underestimate her her power. I find her a bit like Lelouch. Making the world her enemy for her sibling. xD
    Thanks for the translation! I’m finding myself really in love with this story, through all its angst xD


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