Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-2

Well, I did a second one. The chapters of this novel are quite a decent length.

In case you forgot, her brother’s name is Gilford.


Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 2

-Dance of the Villain and the Side Cast- After


A while after changing into my ball gown, I return to the square; the people greeting each other slowly break off, and the dance begins.

The ball that regularly occurs is also a place for machinations. The woman all decorate themselves carefully to stand out in the eyes of the men, and sharp eyed men compliment women while carefully measuring their worth.

…..Aside from the muddy situation, most girls yearn to have a chance to dance at a royal ball. I, however, am dancing alone. Even though it’s my first time here. I feel rather lonely.

Because I was worried that she would cause another argument, I decided to leave Keika and come by myself. It’s hard not to laugh when thinking that the main reason I brought her was as a partner for the dance. Even though I gave her a serious lecture, I don’t think she reflected at all…

“Greetings, young Ruzil family head. This is your first time at a ball?”
“Greetings. I am happy that you would speak with me.”

Occasionally people will come by and attempt to talk to me, but those looking for a partner tend to take off at an indecent speed.
So, I hold some fruit juice and just be a wallflower.

Anyways, I pretty much expected it to end up like this based on what I knew.
Normally, a social debut for a noble daughter will occur around the age of sixteen. So, it’s unlikely that anyone would invite me to dance. Rather, if any adults seriously hit on a ten-year old girl, they would definitely be certified as a dangerous person.

Another thing is that fortunately, as the head of a magician family, not as much is expected of me from my role as a noble.
Ties of blood are only to strengthen a family’s foundation. Therefore, I don’t need to actively seek a partner. This doesn’t mean that I’m free to marry as I want, though; marriages of convenience are much more common.
In the first places, because marriages are generally repeated within our family, something like a political marriage outside the family is unlikely to happen― though my parents are a special case.

Well, even if I arrive at a marriageable age nothing would happen for【Origa】.
The author wrote it this way.
Because her face is way too intense and villainous, nobody tried to marry her at all.


Indeed, many of the sons here are of a similar stature to me. Some people probably brought their sons to attempt to match them with me.
But, possibly because rumors of the earlier exchange spread, they’re all staying away and avoiding eye contact out of fright.
A state like the untouchable curse of a god.
Perhaps they’re afraid that if they make me angry they’ll be abandoned if an emergency occurs; that must be quite a heavy responsibility.

―well, that’s just how it is. I definitely didn’t secretly hope to trigger some kind of love flag at my first ball. I’m just satisfied if Onii-sama can have a better childhood behind the scenes.
The life of a villain is quite withered and lacking in love.

“Oh, are you feeling tired? Origa-sama?”

As I shut my eyes, I involuntarily let out a sigh. Oops. Someone speaks, so I look behind me and see a huge man with a body like a bear. He showed a kind looking smile, and patted my heavily decorated head lightly.

“It’s been a long time. You’ve grown a lot; I’m surprised.”

The head of one of the five great magician families, the Harvester family who are magicians of the forest.
He visited Gil-sama occasionally, and I sometimes encountered him at those times.
I cherish the memories of those times.
Since, after Gil-sama was taken care of, I no longer saw him at all.
The wild looking Harvester-sama in the Ruzil mansion was the ideal father I secretly desired.
The parent-child relationship at home being strained and uncomfortable only strengthened that feeling.

“Long time no see, Marquis Harvester-sama. I took far too long to greet you after becoming the new head; I apologize.”
“Nah, it’s fine, I don’t care. Hey, you, get something sweet for the lady to drink.”

The chamberlain bowed, and moved off to the side to get a drink, while Harvester-sama bent down his large bulk. I wondered why he was clearing away the people, and when I tilted my neck back to look up, I saw him use his hands to hide his mouth.
He looked as if he was going to speak of some great secret.

“I was quite surprised by the rumors that spread in a single day. From such a cute princess to such a serious person, it’s quite a dramatic change for a single year.”

It seems that my thoughts were groundless, and I could only return a wry smile to the face showing a mischievous smile.
Ahh… as I thought, the conversation from a little while ago definitely spread.
If it has spread to the marquises, they’re definitely treating it as a fact and not a rumor.
Anyways, I’d rather not be teased like this. I’m way too different from the old me, and I would rather not have knowledge of the previous me spread. If that was known by society, I’d definitely be laughed at behind my back.

“I came today to introduce myself to you. ―only because, I have to.”

Behind the giant, a boy looked at me while rocking on his shoes. Perhaps a little older than me ―he looks to be a similar age to Gil-sama. His sharp countenance still had childishness remaining to show his age.

It was an extremely unpleasant face, inflating his cheeks as if they were being pushed outwards by a massive hand.

This person, haven’t I seen him somewhere before?

“Nice to meet you. I am the Ruzil family head, Origa Emelda Ruzil.”

He’s wearing well made clothing; since he was brought by Harvester-sama to such a formal occasion could he be a magician? Harvester-sama probably told him to introduce himself, but he diverted his gaze and snorted. I’m a little taken aback by his attitude of not even trying to hide his bad mood at being brought to this dance.
I can’t help but think, what a moody child.

“My name, Atlas. Greetings.”

Harvester-sama impatiently urges him to speak in a low voice, and the boy becomes increasingly sullen. Harvester-sama seems to not mind it at all though, and continues smiling, as time gradually passes.
Still, though… the combination of greyish black hair and brown eyes isn’t that unusual…
To have met him somewhere is extremely unlikely considering my life of withdrawal in the past few years.
As I think about this, he finally opens his mouth.

“Atlas… Atlas Ville Harvester.”

And after curtly speaking just his name, he closed his mouth again as if it were tied shut. His brown eyes of a similar appearance to those of the Marquis next to him suggest strong ties of blood.

In the clan of the forest, the first child inherits the title of Harvester. So, this child should be the next marquis.
Ehh, 『Atlas of the Forest』?
Aaaaaaah I remember now!
He’s one of the ones who will be close friends with my brother! Lacking the ability to stand out among the main characters, he never really got the spotlight in the story.

“This kid usually spends all his time in the knight school full of men. Because of that, contact with such a cute girl like Origa makes him embarrassed like this. I’m sorry that my son is such a guy, but; Origa, I wonder if you would be willing to dance a song with my son?”

From Harvester-sama’s words that he spoke while smiling, I felt that this request was entirely out of goodwill. And so, the next head of the Harvester family and the current head of the Ruzil family ended up dancing together at a ball.
It’s just that, the future family head of the forest, to the family head of fire, is going to be a threat.
I try to lighten the burden of maneuvering, and try to follow, while thinking.
Just to dance with me, he recalled his son all the way from the training school deep in the mountains.
What excessive kindness….

However, though on the surface I am casually impressed by this kindness, I’m totally panicking in my head.

Careless. I was careless.
I was carefully paying attention to the movements of the other main characters, but the presence of this support character I totally forgot. Because, compared to the other main characters who used flashy attacks, he wasn’t as much of a highlight.
Originally, when【Origa】became the head at sixteen years old, Atlas would not be there. According to the story, I would meet him in a place like this, but much later, only once.
I have to be careful; this could change the story too much.
This boy should have met my brother, fostered friendship, become stronger, and been my enemy―

“Origa-sama? I guess, if you’re willing-“

After thinking about all of this, I ended up with nothing.
In order to give priority to the story, I should leave here with indecent haste. However, in order to respect Harvester-sama’s favor, I have to be polite to avoid breaking this relationship.
―it should be ok if it’s just one song. I turn to the boy with a smile on my face.
His eyes are looking at me sharply, as though he is suspicious of me- or, perhaps this is hostility?


Asserting this with a grim look, the boy went off around the courtyard and towards the back.


Well, since I don’t want to mess with the story as much as possible, I feel a little grateful. But, even though I feel relieved, what’s with this sense of defeat…
Rather, to a person in the position of heir, isn’t it bad to take such an attitude in public?
Although it’s only in name, am I not an earl? An earl’s daughter?
When I looked up at Harvester-sama’s face, it was distorted with anger.


Perhaps it’s the rebellious age, or possibly I’m just hated…. In any case, it will be a struggle to fix. Rather than the mental state of aristocracy, the goal of a rambunctious boy from a knight training school would be to look tough.
Speaking of which, I remember many friendly arguments involving Gil-sama in the novel. I feel that his character is just the type for this kind of event.

Apologizing, Harvester-sama runs around searching for his son, while many nobles show great interest. The head of the fire clan, and the future head of the forest clan in disagreement- they wouldn’t miss the seeds of such a relationship at the first meeting.
In a single day, before the sun even set, rumors have spread that the future head of the Forest clan is a problem child.
I don’t follow him, since I would prefer to avoid trouble in the future.
…the older aristocracy are picking a fight by spreading all these rumors, and don’t feel any shame by picking on someone much younger than they are. To the nobles who made a smile that showed that they had heard the rumors, I did my best to explain the circumstances.

Why is the situation becoming worse and worse….
Even though my hands are full dealing with my family…
I absolutely would rather not be involved with someone, even if it means making rude statements when meeting!



Today was really terrible.
In the short time after I boarded this horse-drawn carriage, I don’t even know how many times I’ve sighed. Of course, I couldn’t show even a glimpse of my regretful state, but thinking about the long time I spent speaking to others with an apologetic face, I can’t help but sigh.
Well, haa. The outcome was not what I wanted.
Gently with a friendly atmosphere, I totally failed the original goal.

Because of the accident that occurred in the middle of the dance, I was able to collect information from much of the nobility as a result.
―again, most were speaking of the news that the skirmishes on the western border are going to intensify.
Though it’s unlikely a trump card like me would suddenly be sent to the front, it’s necessary to send some people from the family.
But, sending a skilled person, in the current Ruzil family, would be a problem. Of those who wish to go, however, there will be plenty.

“Move too much, and be crushed.. Tch.”

I’m developing in a similar way to the Origa of the novel, surrounded by enemies. Although it’s only a guess, perhaps on the hero’s side of the story the situation has changed greatly.

“When you return the mansion, form a plan.”

Certainly, when looking at the bowed head, the only thing I can see is respect. This is how it is in the Ruzil family. Age doesn’t matter. Only if you’re stronger than everyone, will everyone be obedient.

But, in aristocratic society, this is not the case.
No matter how talented I am, said to have taken the seat of head with my ability, I’m just a child.
Since I displayed such an overwhelming attitude, for about a year they’ll play wait-and-see. But, as the family head of fire, if I don’t show any ability, I’ll just be treated as an ornamental puppet. It is one of the catalysts that caused a war in the novel. But【Origa】 actively fueling the conflict in the novel could be said to be a consensus of the clan that was manipulated by the nobles.
If I were to do nothing in the war, in the current situation, the ones who can fight the new weapon developed by the neighboring country are just my father and me.

Though there are differences in ability between those who have inherited the ability of the flames, even someone who is considered inferior within the family would be considered a full-fledged magician outside. If you hold the name【Ruzil】you hold the absolute confidence of the country in your ability. It is to the point that some stupid nobles think that if the forces of neighboring countries are weakened, the【Ruzil】should be sent to break through the border.
So, normally it would be fine to just send some members of the family to assist on the battlefield, and I wouldn’t have any reason to go.
But, if it’s the weapon developed for the battlefield by the neighboring country-

I think, it isn’t possible for me to change my fate, or at least it’s impossible for me to be become a hero.
My role, is that of the final boss.
If there is a hero, then I am the villain.
I was born to be the villain.

I look up at the night sky, showing signs of being covered by dark clouds.

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