Gomen ne, Onii-sama 2-1

Hello… I’m not a translator and I’m only starting to learn Japanese so this is entirely MTL with editing. Anyone who wants to pick up this novel, please do, because I want to read this and I don’t trust my own translation. For now though, I’ll be doing this maybe occasionally. Not sure.

For names, I’m using the ones that were used by the translators at Oniichanyamete.

Disclaimer: THESE TRANSLATIONS ARE EXTREMELY LIKELY TO BE INACCURATE. Everything is whatever I could figure out as the closest meaning using Google translate and are heavily changed as I felt like it. If someone else who knows what they’re doing decides to pick this up, please re-translate everything I’ve done whenever you read this.

EDIT: Removed unnecessary stuff and made some small wording changes. They’re just distracting.

EDIT again: Thanks Peter for going over this and finding all my errors :c

If you have any comments about my translation, make them.

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Gomen ne, Oniisama Chapter 2 part 1

-Dance of the Villain and the Side Cast- Before

Wearing a copper-red dress to match the color of her eyes and hair, the girl knelt before the king sitting on his throne.
For the sake of obtaining status, responsibility, and honor her small body seemed to be unsuited for, she humbled herself alone on the cold, marble floor.

“The new head of the Ruzil, Origa Emelda Ruzil greets his majesty. I wish to report that the ceremony of clan leadership change proceeded without a problem.”

Her words flowed smoothly. Though her voice was high like a child’s, there was no childishness in her words. Her eyes with their red irises did not waver, even though she was in front of the king himself and pledging loyalty. She knelt on the hard floor, quietly, unmoving like a doll.

“Although We had heard of your talent, We did not expect you to come before Us as the family head at such a young age. It was worth it to allow the princess to marry into your clan back then.”

“For that grace of your majesty, let me express gratitude in place of the former head. I, myself, am simply determined to serve my king and kingdom that I have singlemindedly devoted myself to.”

The eyes of the king as he viewed the girl contained not even the slightest trace of affection; he was evaluating the girl like an item.
But neither did the words of the girl that spoke of love and affection for the king contain any trace of those emotions.

“Then dedicate your life to the country- and diligently reduce to ash the schemes of our enemies.”

“As my king commands.”

Their gazes met once without emotion, and they continued to exchange purely ceremonial words.
There was not a shred of familial love to be felt.
He who controlled the country and she who defended it explained their position to each other clearly.

“We have great expectations, Daughter of Fire.”

The harsh sound of the King’s staff hitting the floor signaled the end of the audience.



“Well now, with this the security of our country is guaranteed.”
“Such a lovely appearance, and yet so intelligent too.”
“Truly the bloodline of royalty. Excellent as expected.”

Ugh… How many times have I heard these lines today? Keeping a smile all day is tiring. My face is definitely going to have muscle pains; because of the height of a child I feel like crying when enclosed in a row of intimidating adults.

In the morning, the audience with His Majesty, during the day greetings around the castle, and once the sun sets a ball! After many years secluded in the mansion in planning, and suddenly pulled into a social debut, for sure, I’m feeling my limit.

Since, after all, I’m the villain, even though social relationships are awkward, they’re something essential for me to form. In order to instill a good impression somehow, I’m pretending to be socially awkward…
Since I can’t afford a slip of the tongue, even of a single word, it’s far more mentally exhausting than normal conversation.

“Everyone. Since I am still a young person, I appreciate your guidance in times to come.”

Sloppy salutation at the end! And my cheek twitched from being forced into a smile.

At this time, moving between the people, the cross dressed girl, Keika, came to my side.

Oh, let me assert that cross dressing isn’t her hobby; she’s dressed like such because I asked her to fill the role of my escort today. Originally, if a lady comes to a formal occasion, they are required to be escorted by the head of the family or another close male. However, my father is no longer staying with the family.

Although of course there was talk that I just need to take a man of the family as a substitute, such a presence would be considered to be my fiance, and right now I would still rather not think about such a troublesome thing, just for now at least. And so, I asked her to dress as a boy, and such are the circumstances behind this situation.

Perhaps partly because the women stand on the battlefield alongside the men in this country, the cross dressing wasn’t too much of a problem, which was very fortunate for me.

“Excuse me for interrupting your chat. Origa-sama, we should leave to prepare for the masquerade.”

I think Keika is worried about me this is probably an excuse for a break.
At this point, it would be very unfortunate to have a slip of the tongue and to ruin my debut into society.

While involuntarily doing the guts pose in my mind, I make sure not to show it, smiling to attract the attention of the people.

“Thank you. Everybody, because we have more business in the evening, I will be leaving to get ready.”

Although the wife seemed a little surprised that the one with the escort role is a woman, she said nothing and only looked over with cold eyes. Her husband looked over the girl dressed as a man from top to bottom with a lecherous gaze, and cleared his throat.


Although it’s possible that this is a rare case, society is slightly more brutal than I thought it was. I mean, I am aware that such a situation is unconventional here. Outside, I wonder if I should be more careful of things other than the conspiracies in the novel.

“Already so late? I’m sorry I had to you hold back. Origa-sama, would you like me to deliver the presents for the celebration later? And, you are?”

“I apologize for failing to mention my name. I follow at Origa-sama’s side; my name is Keika.”

It is fortunate that Keika is excellent.

Because I wanted to resolve the situation with Onii-sama quickly, to avoid dealing with an engagement I panicked and quickly chose a replacement.

So, to be honest, I didn’t expect such ability and manners.

It was a gamble when I chose based on the origin of her father; I can use her to solve the problem with my Onii-sama….. Hopefully she ends up being an excellent pair of hands for me.

She’s talented as a magician, attentive, skilled at imitation, able to do office work flawlessly, her basic manners are perfectly schooled for social relationships, and above all, she is an adult.

Due to the adverse effects of my many years of studying indoors I was not able to cultivate the necessary social skills, so I decided to copy her.

“A new representative of the Ruzil family. She seems quite fresh, I give my best regards.”

“……Keika. This is the Earl who governs the land of Suja.”

“I am glad to have the pleasure of meeting you for the first time, Earl. Speaking of Suja, we have heard rumors that a new company was founded recently?”

Though there are words mixed with thorns, Keika continued the flow of conversation without hesitation.

However, when he hears Keika’s words as she tried to continue the conversation, the middle-aged Earl showed a somehow disgusting smile.

“Oh. Last week, this matter was also inquired by your predecessor and replied to… is the council of aides of the predecessor I am acquainted with, not listening to you?”

―Finally, it came out. The aristocracy that emphasizes the connection with the father, and looks down on upstarts.
The conspiracy of the high society, probably.
As I thought, like always, there was the need to steel myself.

Usually, there are strong connections from the beginning from the predecessor, made for the new family head. However, thinking about the future, since I would like to be attached to nobody but also avoid creating enemies, it is best to cancel relationships as gently as possible.
Even if they are willing to build relationships up again, I am not, because those of the generation of my father will be obstacles in the future.

Even so, an inquiry from my moody father, huh. If it’s a good that the strangely perceptive【Old Family Head】 had cared about, it’s probably not just any company.

However, the report in the study I inherited did not have such a feeling.

There seems to be a slight problem.

―Glancing, as if giving a signal to Keika through eye contact, she started saying words of apology in a heavyhearted voice.

“We have no excuse. He is receiving medical care and not in a state to verify such information. I will make sure to check the facts at a later date.”

Currently, my mother is unwell, so she went to a nursing home as a sitter to the father. That they are staying there to recuperate, is the public pretext. The actual situation concerning the aides, is that they are not cooperating with me, and I can’t do anything about them.

As for my father, he was allowed to survive because he is married to a royal princess, which can be considered to be some kind of power. Hence, my hope to form a relationship with my father has not yet ended.

But, in order to make it as easy is possible for me to lead the clan in the future, I am trying to eliminate as much external interference as possible.
That’s right, even interference of the task of serving His Majesty the King to defend the country.

Although now there are a dime a dozen people who say that they would like to work to become my hands and feet, that I was able to discover a talent that does not have anyone’s finger marks at such an early stage was fortunate. This situation is not something for an outsider, even if that outsider can help with my problems.

Nevertheless, if this relationship which has already formed is arranged sufficiently it is probably perfect.

Ruzil who【Overthrew the incompetent predecessor, a talented person】is the family head.

With this, I can call the old aides who are linked with my father incompetent for this miscommunication and pinning them with a crime, and later, I can also claim I have no relationship to this Earl.
To begin an actual friendly relationship, it is necessary to investigate him.
I am either going to build a good relationship with this person now, or go back and investigate some more.

Perhaps he noticed my intent to break ties with him; the Earl’s face has quite a bitter expression.

Choosing Keika was probably the right decision.

―The atmosphere seems to have become stiff.

“Oh dear, so it was true. It seems I should gift you some get well presents as well.”

“Although it can be said that you have the talent to become a close aid, can a young person like your master handle the role of a magician properly…”

The wife, with a pretty voice whose harmony could cause you to feel relaxed, out of nowhere, with quiet words of irony, filled the area with a feeling of heat.

While I suppress panic, Keika steps in front of me.

She stopped and breathed in deeply, her face becoming pale.

“I’m sorry for causing you to be bothered by my awkwardness. I am still inexperienced, as I am still young. But, unlike my awkward self, my Lord is a young and talented mage. Therefore, you don’t need to worry too much. My lord will not cause the Earl any trouble. I am sure that Suja will be managed by the Earl excellently, and there will be no need for the use of fire.”

“Tsu…” (I believe this is the sfx for an exhale?)

Aaaaaaaa I messed up…
As a magician I’m expected to help protect the country.
She really cut right to the point.

“Regarding the military situation, we will do our best to help wherever possible. In protecting the peace of these lands, we greatly appreciate the good management of the Earl, which lightens the burden upon my master. It is our intention that in the case of any emergency, we will help for the sake of our honor as a main family, and we will watch carefully for any failures that occur.”

The Earl protects his territory and I will go help in emergencies because I’m the family head? Kind of the truth.. Err.. wait a sec.

This way of describing it favors me a bit too much.. Well, after all, I’m a strangely talented girl, but also kind of a disappointing human. Generally the people of the family tend to try to attract the bigger and more influential people, and she’s definitely doing at least a little of this. Rather than picking a fight from the small insults, threatening a life is rather extreme.

The man who can talk glibly and politely completely sunk into silence. As for the wife who had been sending an amiable gaze until now, her smile and gaze both became stiff.

Words of the subordinates are the responsibility of the boss.
Such words float in my head as I look up at the sky, but my escape from reality is blocked by a regal and solid ceiling.

I tried to avoid any slip of the tongue, and yet from the very first day of my debut I’ve somehow made an enemy.

Well, in the end, I’m a villain so I guess it’s fine.
I think I didn’t do too poorly in my debut, but I’m not sure if that’s just overconfidence. …..Did I seem like a final boss?

Well, although I was prepared for the life of a villain, ending up like this from the beginning was a bit out of my expectations.
I feel a bit sick to the stomach…


“Yes. I apologize for my excessive words.”

I’ve had enough inappropriate comments for today!

With some perfunctory closing remarks to the Earl, we quickly separate from him and his wife.

I snort. The standing figure of a crossdressing girl proudly escorting me is not even a little reproachful. Walking next to me, she also shows no signs of expecting any punishment from her master. I’ll look at her proudly for now, but later I’m definitely giving her a sermon.

When words are spread, the fact that the one who said them was the retainer won’t matter to anyone. “The new family head of the Ruzil is like this”, such rumors will quickly travel. By the time of the dance in the afternoon, my image as a brash, domineering fire family head will be rooted.

Like this, I seem to have ended up as the【Princess of the Inferno Origa】of the novel.

I wanted to gently and amiably deal with the threads of conspiracy… but it seems like fixing this is impossible….. Is it not…..?

Mini-TL Note: Phew, this took a lot more time than I expected. I have a new appreciation for other machine translators.

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  1. it sucks that the quality is so bad…BUT im overjoyed to at least understand what happened in the chapter, this series keeps getting dropped and it pisses me off, it one of the best novels out there but no one wants to translate it, hope you release more frequently than the rest….sounds like ur already sick of it in your comments :(


  2. Thanks for the hard work. I’m happy to see the story coming alive again. Hope filling my soul, seeking for the new chapters.

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